That is important for me in teacher training


Teachers' competences have a significant impact on children's development and success in school (Lipowsky 2006). Those competences are complex and cover both physical and mental abilities (Frey 2004, p. 904) that can be described by a hierarchical modell. Such a modell was developed and differenciated with focus on mathematics teachers by the COACTIV research project (Krauss 2004, 36). Besides professional knowledge are beliefs, motivation and selfregulation important as well. Ethical and practical dimensions are likewise important for professional development as kognitive. In all three dimensions one should archieve a balanced relation between reflection and routine (Terhart 2006, p. 239).


Pre-service teacher training at university level is first and foremost focussed on the developement of professional knowledge. In the mathematical field, this is mathematical content knowledge, mathematical content knowledge for teaching, and mathematics pedagogical content knowledge, which are not independent from each other, but have to be learned interlaced. Mathematical content knowledge alone is not enough to be a good teacher, but it is an indispensable prerequisite for understanding how to teach mathematics.


My aim is to provide sound theoretical knowledge as well as opportunities for practical experience how to work with mathematics in early childhood education. This includes that students both work independently with tasks, study learning content, communicate and collaborate with eachother, presente their learning trails to the others and reflect on practice and results.








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